Liver Focus/Blood Sugar Focus Bundle

$ 63.90

Start your health journey the right way with Blood Sugar Focus and take action to reset your liver health with Liver Focus.

Liver Focus + Blood Sugar Focus A powerful combination to accelerate fat burning

Liver Focus is a premium liver cleanse and detox formula to:

  • Support your liver health with an all-natural science-backed liver cleanse
  • Naturally increase your body’s fat burning capabilities
  • Help your body defend against harmful toxins found in everyday living
  • Help your overworked liver heal so it can focus on keeping you healthy.

Blood Sugar Focus stabilizes your blood sugar levels helping to:

  • Stabilize your blood sugar levels to prevent your body from storing extra fat
  • Balance your blood sugar levels to help stop energy highs and lows
  • Lower insulin levels by enabling healthy sugar and carbohydrate absorption
  • Manage blood sugar spikes and energy crashes by keeping your body in fat-burning mode


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